Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Style with Story Bought Dress

by Andrea Quinlan 

I love 1920's style. My icons are flappers like Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Zelda Fitzgerald. They looked so good when they were being bad.

My favourite thing to wear is 1950's dresses. I always look out for old issues of Woman's Home Journal and Woman's Weekly for inspiration. I wear my day dresses with punk rock eyeliner and glitter.

I'm very into 1930's depression chic. I have several feedsack dresses such as the floral one I'm wearing. Wearing dresses women made themselves from so little makes me feel inspired to try so much harder in everything I do.

1960's New Wave cinema is a huge influence on my look. I feel very Anna Karina in sailor dresses and pussy bow collars and Jean Seberg in jeans and pumps, even though I am far away from Paris.

I love 1970's prairie dresses like this Gunne Sax. It's true that they could be something out of a Laura Ingills Wilder book. I don't see that as a bad thing.

I enjoy wearing vintage fur. I know that fur is controversial and I certainly wouldn't ever wear a piece of modern fur, but wearing a dead animal from long ago feels like giving the animal a new life.

I love vintage lingerie. I'm a big fan of underwear as outerwear too. So many of those pieces are too gorgeous to be kept under wraps.

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