Friday, March 15, 2013

The Velveteen Rabbit Dress

by Bats of Leisure 

Story Bought Dress asked Aoife Billings of Bats of Leisure  (the Melbourne based label which she runs with her brother) to talk about a dress from her most recent collection:

The Velveteen Rabbit dress...My favourite fabric is velvet and I was drawn to this particular one in a fabric store and on a whim forgot about all our previous ideas for dresses and bought it. At the time Aaron (who does the embroidery) was designing a Velveteen Rabbit tattoo for a friend, and we were discussing our love for that book ever since we were children, and we thought it would be perfect to make the bib of the velvet dress embroidered with a Velveteen Rabbit.

I feel like our Irish heritage is recognisable in our designs, and the common shape we use; long sleeved and gathered waist with a detailed "bib" may be influenced by Irish dancing dresses.
Bats of Leisure is a Melbourne based label, handmade by a brother-sister duo.