Sunday, November 13, 2011

Loosed Women

by Carrie Murphy

for the hangers-on

Sableing-up alongside the night
with a smoky-eyed
slippery grin. Tongue with a fuzz like fur;
when the light hits,
a shower of sequins.
Rayon. Python.
Silk her up with a straw.

Tulle-ing around the morning, heels zipping
up and down. Fleece and wool
over the eyes and don’t look because she’s
poodling right out of her skirt.
Unlaced. Eyelet. Gauze and glitter.
Ombre-bronze and oops
her herringbone is showing,
slip, slit.

Tie-dyed up, reaming and seaming.
through a pleather pout. Seersucker.
She’s suede, she’s beading,
she’s shantung and
antique-ing over the edge,
a hanging thread, then
kisslock clasp.

About the Author: Carrie Murphy grew up in Baltimore, MD and received her MFA from New Mexico State University. Her chapbook, MEET THE LAVENDERS, appeared from Birds of Lace in 2011.